Captian Kidd

The notorious Scottish Pirate Captain Kidd who was tried and executed of piracy after returning from a voyage to the Indian Ocean 1701. Captain Kidd was hanged in a public execution on the 23 May 1701 at Execution Dock Wapping London. Captain Kidd body was gibbeted over the River Thames at Tibury Point as a warning to any future would be pirates for three years. Captain Kidd name roles on and is the name of a pub in Wapping East London near where he was Executed.


The Anchor – Bankside

The Anchor pub is located on the South Bank of the River Thames near Southwark Cathedral and London Bridge station. There has been a Tap room or Tavern on this site for over 800 Years with various names. In 1616 Anchor Brewery took over selling their Ales. In 1666, The Great Fire Of London the pub was destroyed in the fire, so in 1676  the Brewery rebuilt the pub, and has since had additions over the Centuries.  The Anchor tavern also became a favourite place with River Pirates and Smugglers. The Anchor is now owned by Greene King Brewery, still in use today.