Taken at Hayling Island Hampshire



Kite Surfing

Taken at Hayling Island in Hampshire, Late afternoon just before a shower of rain



Southsea Castle And Lighthouse


The castle was built in 1544 as part of a series of fortifications around the English coastline. During the building of the castle under the order of Henry V111, the flagship The Mary Rose tragically sank in front of the castle. The only time the castle has been captured was during the English civil war by Parliamentarian forces. The castle was used by the military for many things, one being a military prison, in 1960 the castle left the military and Portsmouth Council took over and restored it, the castle is free to all visitors. The Lighthouse was built in1820’s and is still in use by shipping today.


Taking A Break

Gardener scarecrow and his dog taking a break from scaring the birds away. Taken at Hinton Ampner Hampshire [ National Trust ]



Spinnaker Tower

Open on the 18th October 2005 and stands 170m [ 560ft] above sea level, making it one of the tallest accessible structures in the UK outside of London, at a cost of £35.6 million. The tower represent sails billowing in the wind. It is the centrepiece of the redevelopment of Portsmouth Harbour. In July 2015 following a commercial sponsorship deal with Dubai-based  Emirates Airlines, The tower was renamed Emirates Spinnaker Tower

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Enjoying The Sea

Taken at Hayling  Island Hampshire
ewindsurfers hayling 025-Small02JPeg


Romsey Abbey

One of the Chapel inside the AbbeyDSC_0029-Small02JPeg


Ray’s On The Needles

Taken on the Isle Of WightSmall02JPeg


Haunted Inn in Winchester

DSC_0024-Small02JPegThe Eclipse inn in Winchester built around 1540 is haunted by the ghost Lady Alicia Lisle. In the 1680s The Eclipse had connection with Monmouth rebellion. In 1685 Lady Alicia Lisle was held at the Eclipse Inn for her execution after being sentenced to death for harbouring rebels by the notorious hanging judge Jeffries. Lady Alicia Lisle was held in a small room upstairs where she spent the last days of her life. Outside a scaffold was erected and on the 5th September 1685 Lady Alicia Lisle was beheaded. Over the years upstairs in the passage outside the room where Lady Alicia was held The ghost of Lady Alicia has been sighted.