The Alter At ST Mary’s Selborne

St Mary church Selborne Hampshire, was founded in the Saxon times and mentioned in the Domesday Book. The present church with its Norman tower, which largely dates back to 1180. In 1793 The Great Naturalist Gilbert White was buried here. In the mid 19th Century the nephew of Gilbert White restored the church. Outside the church stood the famous’ Selborne Yew’ tree which dates back over 1400 years, In 1990 the yew was blown down in a storm. In 2002 the yew was recognised by The Tree Council at the time of HM Queen Elizabeth Golden Jubilee as one of the 50 great British trees in recognition of its place in the National Heritage. Cutting from the tree are now thriving in the church yard.


William Rufus Tomb

DSC_0022-Small02JPegKing William 11 Rufus from 1087 – 1100. King of England from 1087, the third son of William ( 1 ) The Conqueror. William Rufus was killed by an arrow while out hunting in the New Forest Hampshire. Supposedly an accident, but it has been suggested that he was killed deliberately on the instructions of his brother Henry. William body was taken to Winchester and buried in the Cathedral. The picture was taken in the Choir Stolls facing West.

Royal Garrison Church Portsmouth

Once a Medieval Hospital, a Tudor ammunition store and a church for the forces since 1580, the Royal Garrison Church has stood in Portsmouth for over 800 years. In 1662 the marriage of King Charles 11 to Catherine of Bragonza, and in 1941 a fire bomb hit the church.dartford crossing old portsmouth 054-Small02JPeg

Wisley Church Surrey

Wisley Church Surrey

Wisley church is a interesting example of a mid 12th Century Norman village place of worship. The Black Prince came to Wisley church in 1344/5 and again in 1370 as he had a hunting lodge nearby, his name appears on a list beside the vestry door. It was confirmed by Cardinal Wolsey in 1531 that among the patron shown on the list of Wisley incumbents was the Black Prince.

The Church Of St Peter’s

The Church Of St Peter's

Part of the church dates back to the Medieval times, is the old Gothic porch which was built around 1524. Most of the church was rebuilt in the 17th Century, a watch house was also built in 1830, as parts of the country was violated by “Body Snatchers”. The old church though now a ruin and roofless is a picturesque and interesting building. The church can be found in the village of Duffus near Lossiemouth Scotland.