Lorraine Dietrich Vieux Charles 111

This car is believed to be the sole  survivor of the French team of four cars built in Luneville for the 1912 Dieppe Grand Prix. Victor Hemery who proceeded to take a number of track and world records with the car at Brooklands race track England.



1959 Austin Healey Sprite

Or better Known as its nick-name Frogeye Sprite, because the way the headlights were mounted and the grill given it the look of a frog. Designed by Donald Healey Motor Company in 1958 in Abingdon England. It was intended to be a low-cost model that a person could put in the bike shed, the car cost around £669 pounds. It was the successor to the sporting version of the pre-war Austin Seven. Today its a very collectable classic car.DSC_0059-Small02JPeg