Roman & Saxons

The oldest surviving Lighthouse , The Roman Pharos. It was once used as a aid to navigate the Romans across the English Channel from France. Late in date a Anglo-Saxon church of St Mary in Castro. Photograph was taken at Dover Castle



Sevenoaks, Kent, England. Built as a palace in a Medieval deer-park, Knole was owned by the Archbishops of Canterbury, in the Tudor dynasty until King Henry V111 took over in 1538 from Thomas Cranmer. King Henry V111 spent a lot of money on Knole but never lived there. It was 1566 when Queen Elizabeth 1st gave Knole to her cousin Thomas Sackville who was a descendant to the Earl and Duke of Dorset. The Sackvilles still live there today. But with the upkeep of the House the Sackvilles handed the house over to the National Trust in 1946, however the contents of the house and the park remain the property of the Sackville family.


Spring Ightham Mote

Deep inside the Kent country side a sense of magic surrounds this romantic medieval mote manor house, spanning Centuries of history, from Medieval Knights, The Tudor Courtiers, The Victorians if only walls could talk what a story they could tell. The house and grounds are run by the National Trust.


The Elizabethan Tower

The Elizabethan Tower

Taken at Sissinghurst Castle a ruin Elizabethan manor house seated in the beautiful Weald of Kent. Once a prison for captured French seamen during the Seven years war. Then in 1930s gained international fame when Vita Sackville- West and Harold Nicolson created a garden here. Now run by the National Trust.