Houses of Parliament


Oliver’s Wharf

Built in 1869 in a Tudor Gothic style warehouse, handling general cargo but also had a special facilities for the import of Tea. In 1972 it was converted into twenty- three luxury flats. Taken on the River Thames at Wapping London.

H M Prison Dartmoor

Located in Princetown, high on Dartmoor Devon, with its high granite walls dominating the moors. The Prison was built in 1809 to hold prisoners of the Napoleonic war. In 1851 the prison became a civillian prison for men.  On the 12 December 1966 The Mad Axeman Known as Frank Mitchell escaped, 100 Royal Marines, helicopter, 200 Police searching the moors. Mitchell was never found, The Kray Brothers sidekick Freddie Foreman confessed of killing Mitchell and dumping Mitchell body in the English Channel. To day the Prison is a category C.