Loxwood Joust

Jousting in the 1300, was a popular sport among the Anglo-Norman Knighthood



Outside Horse Guards

A Photo of a Life Guard outside Horse Guard. The Household Cavalry is made up of two mounted Regiment The Life Guards and The Blues And Royals Division. The regiment date back to the 1660, carrying out ceremonial duties for State and Royal occasion. The Household Cavalry is also a Armour Division of tanks and Armour vehicles, there Colonel-in-Chief is HM The Queen.DSC_0027_305DSC_0027-Small02

Haunted Inn in Winchester

DSC_0024-Small02JPegThe Eclipse inn in Winchester built around 1540 is haunted by the ghost Lady Alicia Lisle. In the 1680s The Eclipse had connection with Monmouth rebellion. In 1685 Lady Alicia Lisle was held at the Eclipse Inn for her execution after being sentenced to death for harbouring rebels by the notorious hanging judge Jeffries. Lady Alicia Lisle was held in a small room upstairs where she spent the last days of her life. Outside a scaffold was erected and on the 5th September 1685 Lady Alicia Lisle was beheaded. Over the years upstairs in the passage outside the room where Lady Alicia was held The ghost of Lady Alicia has been sighted.