Sir Walter Ralegh

A Portrait of Sir Walter Ralegh with his eight year old son.

Sir Walter Ralegh was born in Devon England in 1554. He was the most famous explorer of Elizabeth 1’s reign, and famous for bring back potato and the addictive tobacco. In 1618 in King James 1st reign Walter Ralegh was charged with treason and executed outside the Palace of Westminster.



H M Prison Dartmoor

Located in Princetown, high on Dartmoor Devon, with its high granite walls dominating the moors. The Prison was built in 1809 to hold prisoners of the Napoleonic war. In 1851 the prison became a civillian prison for men.  On the 12 December 1966 The Mad Axeman Known as Frank Mitchell escaped, 100 Royal Marines, helicopter, 200 Police searching the moors. Mitchell was never found, The Kray Brothers sidekick Freddie Foreman confessed of killing Mitchell and dumping Mitchell body in the English Channel. To day the Prison is a category C.


Cathedral of the moor

The church of Saint Pancras is a Church of England Church in Widecombe-in-the-moor. The church received its nickname ‘Cathedral of the moor’ is because of its 120-foot tower. The church¬†was badly damage in a thunderstorm struck by a ball of lightning in the year 1638, where a afternoon service was taking place at the time, with approximately 300 worshippers. Four were Killed and around 60 injured, according to local legend the thunderstorm was caused by the village being visited by the Devil.DSC_0232-Small02JPeg