Phoenix Portsmouth

A 18th Century Two mast Brig constructed of all wood. The Phoenix has also been used in films. The photo was taken in Charlestown Cornwall.


HMS Belfast

HMS Belfast berthed on the river Thames, painted in Admiralty pattern Disruptive Camouflage. HMS Belfast was launched on St Patrick’s day 17 March 1938. HMS Belfast saw action escorting Artic Convoys to the Soviet Union, also played an important role in the Battle Of North Cape, assisting in the destruction of the German Warship Scharnhorst. On the 6 June 1944 Belfast took part in the D- day Landings Operation Overlord. In 1945 Belfast was sent to the Far East to join the British Pacific fleet, arriving shortly before the End of the Second World War. Belfast also took part in the Korean War in 1950-1952. On the 24 August 1963 Belfast was decommissioned and was moored off of Portsmouth at Fareham Creek and used by Reserve Division and sea cadets. In 1970 Belfast was heading to the scrap yard, but was save by the Imperial War Museum London. In 1971 HMS Belfast was towed to London near Tower Bridge, and on the 21 October Trafalgar Day HMS Belfast was open to the public as a museum


The old Lifeboat Station at Polpeor Cove

This was the third Lifeboat station to have been built at Polpeor Cove  on the southern tip of the Lizard in Cornwall, from 1914 – 1961. The lifeboat station move from Polpeor Cove to Kilcobben Cove which is 1.25 miles away, and in July 1961 open at a cost of £90,000. In 2010 it was demolished because it could not accommodate the latest Tamar-class Lifeboat, on the 5 May 2012 a new station was open and still working today saving Lives