Blitz The National Firefighters Memorial


During Second World War , 1,027 Men and Women of the Fire Service were killed in action. A Bronze sculpture was commission of a Sub officer and two branch men, working as a team fighting a fire. The sculpture was taken from a photograph taken in 1941 of sub officer Cyril Demarne and team  fighting a fire in Cannon Street London during the Blitz. It was decided in 1988 to make the Memorial a National Monument that would commemorate not just the firefighters who died in World War 11, but the lives of all Firefighters throughout the United Kingdom who were killed in the line of duty. In 2003 – 1,192 names were added to the list.

Wolvesey Castle

Taken in Winchester Hampshire, The old Bishops Palace standing next to Winchester Cathedral. Residence of the wealthy and powerful Bishops of Winchester since Anglo-Saxon time. The surviving ruins of the palace date largely from the 12th century, the work of Bishop Henry of Blois. The palace was also Know as The Anarchy, it was a very important building, and was the location for the wedding breakfast  for Queen Mary and Philip of Spain on the 25 July 1554 which was the last great occasion here. The palace was destroyed by the Roundheads during the English Civil War in 1646.DSC_0015-Small02