Thank you for looking at My Blog. I am a keen photographer who loves getting out and about and taking images and sharing them with others.

I also belong to Midhurst Camera Club.

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  1. Hello Mr Bowler! I’m very pleased you “favorited” one of my photos so as to lead me to your page. I’ve been digging into my Kirkpatrick Scottish Heritage lately, and LOVE the images you’ve posted! Scotland is number one on my bucket list!

  2. Hi Simon, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me a ‘like’. You’ve got some great pics here. I love Scotland: heather, haggis, the Tattoo, Aberlour (16 years), men in kilts, and much more (but not the dratted midge of course!). Looking forward to following your blog.

  3. Thank you for liking my blog post, Simon. Really appreciate it, hope you stop by again. I find your photos very artistic and strong in both composition and color. What beautiful landscapes you must have around you!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my site, that is how I know who else is out there to show me places in the world I would never see. Great images. Thank you again for sharing.

  5. Thank you for stopping by my blog and liking my photos. Love to see what others are photographing, you have some fantastic ones here, and I’ll be following with interest.

  6. Hey Simon! Thanks for visiting my blog and also for following me. You’ve got some wonderful and amazing nature photography! Best, Alex

  7. Thanks for the follow Simon! I so desperately need to buy an affordable camera for my food pictures, not sure where to begin. 😔I also take scenery shots when traveling, like this week, , etc. but my main love is cooking, of course,, 😘. Any ideas on a good camera for me? Thanks and have a great day!!

    • HI Darie, I got a Nikon D90 with changeable lenes, the lens I use most is the 18mm-200mm. but most cameras today are good its being able to use the setting. The best thing to do is go to a good camera shop and try out the different cameras and get to fill the camera weight so its not to heavy to hold when shooting. I like Nikon and you cant go wrong. but at the end of the day its down to you and whats right for you. so go and have fun trying all makes of cameras

  8. Hi Simon and thanks for the follow. I’m just setting out and getting to grips with this photography lark so delighted to follow your blog back and hopefully find some inspiration and, of course, some pointers on how to do it properly!

  9. Simon-thanks for the like and for taking the time to check out “old bones”. I’ve not shit in Scotland yet, though your images make me want to leave tomorrow!!



  10. Thank you for liking a post on my blog. I’m very pleased to have discovered another photographer – and one who’s been to Scotland! “A River Running Through” is very much like a shot I took in the Colorado mountains. I haven’t posted it, but am thinking of doing so soon. 🙂 I look forward to seeing more of your lovely photos!

  11. Hi Simon.Greetings from India. Thank you so much for liking my posts and taking time to go through the blog.Thanks for posting Great Photos of yours.Lovely !The Fort photograph above ( I think it is a Fort,correct me if it is wrong ) is mesmerizing ! Very curious to know the techniques used.

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  13. Hi Simon , thanks for stopping by, you have some really beautiful photographs on your side. Loved the giraffe !! Keep up the good work . Cheers !!!

  14. Hi Simon, thank you for visiting my site & liking my post ‘Attention’, it’s very much appreciated! You have some wonderful wildlife photos & persevere with the street photography, it’s great fun once you get past the ‘Are they looking at me’ phase.

    Thanks again, Urban Shutterbug.

  15. Thank you for liking my blog post today titled ‘On The Hunt.’ I love your photography, especially the old castles and buildings. You have quite a collection, and I am looking forward to seeing it all!

  16. Thank you for stopping by A Photo’s Worth. I also enjoy exploring the world with my canera in hand and sharing my images. I’ll be back.

  17. Hi Simon,

    Your not only are a keen photographer, you are a keen photographer with a great eye and flair for the dramatic.
    And, thank you for following my photography blog: http://throughharoldslens.com. I hope you enjoy your journey.
    To launch your travels, find a Country or find a Genre, “click” and jump aboard. Or, here’s a few “Quick Links” to some of my favorites, from over 400 photographic posts, on Through Harold’s Lens:
    “Shaken! Not Stirred”(Sweden)
    “Maiden Mild” (Poland)
    “Where Spirits Soar” (Chile)
    On behalf of the entire Creative Team at Through Harold’s Lens, my trusty sidekicks, Mr. Mirrorless Sony, Mr. SLR Nikon, his brother Mr. Pen Pal and myself, we wish you fun and safe travels.


  18. Hello Simon – I appreciate all of the “Likes” on my Rave and Roll site….and I think your photography is wonderful! I just wanted to point you to my photography site, since all I’m publishing lately on Rave and Roll are playlists (until i get back into the swing of reporting on “criminally underrated” bands)…. Please check out my photographs on http://ursa-enterprises.com/ – Thank you again!

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