Southsea Castle And Lighthouse


The castle was built in 1544 as part of a series of fortifications around the English coastline. During the building of the castle under the order of Henry V111, the flagship The Mary Rose tragically sank in front of the castle. The only time the castle has been captured was during the English civil war by Parliamentarian forces. The castle was used by the military for many things, one being a military prison, in 1960 the castle left the military and Portsmouth Council took over and restored it, the castle is free to all visitors. The Lighthouse was built in1820’s and is still in use by shipping today.

5 thoughts on “Southsea Castle And Lighthouse

  1. Nice photo – brings me back to a great year I spent working in “Portsea” many moons ago. They were using the castle then as a temporary museum for bits and pieces they were beginning to recover from the Mary Rose. Very interesting were a couple of small breech-loading cannon! Centuries before their time – I would imagine they did not achieve enough accuracy in manufacture to prevent “blow-back” and loss of range. Des.

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