1959 Austin Healey Sprite

Or better Known as its nick-name Frogeye Sprite, because the way the headlights were mounted and the grill given it the look of a frog. Designed by Donald Healey Motor Company in 1958 in Abingdon England. It was intended to be a low-cost model that a person could put in the bike shed, the car cost around £669 pounds. It was the successor to the sporting version of the pre-war Austin Seven. Today its a very collectable classic car.DSC_0059-Small02JPeg

Cuban Crocodile

The Cuban crocodile is a Critically Endangered species. Likes fresh water habitat such as swamps, marshes and rivers and rarely swims in saltwater. It is a very aggressive species, a pack hunter and a jumper by thrusting with their powerful tail, they can leap from the water and snatch small animals from overhanging branches.DSC_0280-Small02JPeg