ST’ Kessog’s Cross

The Celtic cross in the glebe at Luss, Loch Lomond. The upper part of the cross contains Christian symbols including the Dove of Peace, the grain of wheat, the fish symbol of early church, the chalice and the candle of hope. St Kessog was a Irish missionary of the Mid-Sixth Century. Son of the king of Cashel in Ireland. Kessog is claimed to have brought Christianity to the area around Luss and Scotland in 510AD.DSC_0034-Small02JPeg


Antony House is the name given to a early 18th Century house, which today is in ownership with the National Trust. It is still the family home of the Carew Poles after hundreds of years. Fine collections of paintings, furniture and textiles. Landscape garden with sweeping views, a knot garden, sculptures and the National collection of Daylillies. Also used for the 2010 Disney film Alice in Wonderland. The house can be found in Torpoint, Cornwall.DSC_0154-Small02JPeg