Fawley Refinery Across The Solent

Fawley Refinery Across The Solent

Taken just before the rain. Fawley Refinery was first established in 1921 by the Atlantic Gulf and West Indies company. It was acquired by Esso in 1925, and rebuilt and extended in 1951. Its the largest oil refinery in the Uk with a capacity of 330,000 barrels. Situated on the Solent near Southampton Hampshire.

5 thoughts on “Fawley Refinery Across The Solent

  1. Wow. I havent heard the name Esso since I was young. Our riverbanks here are lined with refineries, one of the earliest being Esso. As a child our class went to the refinery on a field trip (i KNOW) and sat in a theatre for a film on the history of oil discovery. It was sponsored by American Airlines and afterward we got a pair of gold wings in a pin. How I wish theyd have given us stock instead. 😁

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